Uno Prism is introducing the vibraphone to experimental indie

The vibraphone is not the typical stepping stone to commercial success, but Uno Prism makes a surprisingly convincing case for it, integrating it seamlessly into a rich and layered musical landscape. ‘Into Place‘ blends lushly cinematic strings, the loose swing of jazz drumming and sweet, heady plumes of vocal harmony into an alluring collage of sound. The sheer number of different instruments and tones that are displayed here without sounding jarring or arbitrary alone is impressive, and the earthy, spontaneous jazz rhythms provide a welcome counterpoint to the synthetic sweeps of strings.

Uno Prism’s training as a classical percussionist reveals itself in the subtle, textured rhythms of the verse. Incorporating faint hand-claps and the sturdy twang of walking double-bass, the track takes a surprising detour into sensuous, moody R&B. However, its greatest strength is its ability to cycle through these different musical tones while retaining a palpable sense of atmosphere and space. To nit-pick, the crystalline, reverberant vocals here are a little unremarkable, but they complement the track effectively and are more than compensated for by the richness of the music that surrounds them. Overall, this is a striking recording and an intriguing introduction to Uno Prism. If her music is consistently of this standard, the possibilities for her career are endless.

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Words: Callum Oliver

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