Pop Punk pioneers Rare Americans are re-writing the formula

Rare Americans is one of those bands that read the rule book cover-to-cover and then set it alight.

New single Cats, Dogs & Rats is testament to this, ticking all the boxes of a pop-punk anthem without regurgitating the tried and tested formula. The pioneers playfully disregard the genre’s tropes, opting for acoustic guitar and horns as their weapons of choice and incorporating a love of hip-hop.

At the forefront of their eclectic sound is James Priestner’s unhinged vocals and down-on-his-luck lyrics: How did I get so confused, my path totally skewed/ tapped the karma bank till I overdrew. 

“We like to write songs about the underbelly of society,” Priestner tells us. “I find we often have all sorts of crazy characters in our songs dealing with a multitude of different problems that life presents us all.”

Watch the video for Cats Dogs & Rats created by Brooklyn-based animator Harry Tietelman (Killer Mike of Run The Jewels).

The Vancouver-based band, completed by Jared Priestner and Lubo Ivan, enlisted a roll call of guests to contribute on their self-titled debut. Producer Joe Chiccarelli (White Stripes, The Strokes) was heading up the operation, while sticks man Joe Plummer (Modest Mouse, The Shins) was behind the kit and Yukki Matthews (The Shins) was enlisted for bass duties.

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