Let’s Get Physical: Son of William – ‘Colour of Love’

Separately Hayley Williams and Ben Williams (no relation) have had illustrious careers, but like any duo worth their salt, together, they’re greater than the sum of their parts. Having swapped skills and discovered a mutual love of folk music, the pair formed Son of William in Manchester. The duo’s stock-in-trade is slow burners that place storytelling at the forefront, embellished by their synergy of harmonies. With the launch of their debut EP ‘Colour of Love’ looming, we got the duo to talk us through their beautiful CD.

Camille Depalle designed the artwork for ‘Colour of Love’. What’s the concept behind the cover and how does the aesthetic compliment your music?

The cover is screen printed from an etching of bark. We felt this represented our authentic grass roots style.

Why was it important for your band to put out a physical release?

We feel it’s a good way to connect with fans at gigs and an easier way for a prospective 

audience to access our music. 

Where and when would you recommend your fans to listen to this EP?

In your car driving alone in the dark, with friends and whiskey. 
‘Colour of Love’ is available to buy from all the major distribution platforms for £5.

Son of William’s EP launch takes place at Whiskey Jar, Manchester on June 27.