Southpaw Sonata balance chaos and serenity with their inimitable Prog Punk

Cut from the same cloth as The Mars Volta/At the Drive-In, Trail of Deadand Hella, Southpaw Sonata is Prog-Punk with two capital Ps. They’re an inimitable niche in Austin’s emo/pop-punk scene that amplifies the best of their influences and contemporaries and augments the aspects that make them so great.

Most songs are totally unrestrained in execution and nearly unhinged in the intensity of each player’s performance; maelstroms of flashing guitar, rampaging bass, apocalyptic drums and otherworldly vocal howls create Hadean soundscapes of chaos with moments of serenity popping up between the onslaughts.

Those moments of serenity create a wonderful contrast that adds color and depth to the group’s trademark slash-and-burn guitar heroics. You can hear it on the amazing ‘Zorp is Dead’ single, ‘Jar Jar Bank$’ and ‘Sad Boys’ from Don’t let the Fire Die and ‘Spooptown’ from Accepting your Affinity. However, these passages are merely the eye of the storm, because each one is simply a segue into a new movement of cacophonic bliss.

Southpaw Sonata is making music for people who like their music technical, high-energy and forward-thinking. If all this appeals to you, then go check them out now!

Words: Ethan Schrupp | @ethanschrupp

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