Let’s Get Physical: Saint Mars – ‘Somewhere, Somebody’

Saint Mars have unveiled a special, limited edition CD for ‘Somewhere, Somebody’. The song is the first single to be lifted from forthcoming album ‘Celesteville’, a concept album centered on the true story of one 13 year-old boy’s tragic experience as a result of sustained bullying. The band enlisted the vocals of viral sensation Tryzdin to give authenticity to the tracks sung by the protagonist, little realising that Tryzdin himself has suffered significantly as a result of bullying. Having released the ‘Somewhere, Somebody’, along with a powerful video, the band have re imagined the song for this special edition physical release. We got physical with front man Marc Darcange to find out more…

What can we expect from the new edit of Somewhere, Somebody?

The idea came from a friend of mine, Bertrand Bitz, a singer/songwriter with whom I have worked in the past (he co-wrote « A Love Impossible » on Saint Mars first EP).  He really loved the original song and wanted to make a shorter version, that would make it more radio-oriented. The vocals have been recorded in Columbus and the guitars in Bristol by Angelo Bruschini. It was mixed by Matt Dougherty in Chicago. It’s therefore a pretty much trans-continental version! I was blown away by Bertrand’s ideas. I think the track is way more effective this way and has a more modern touch, with a couple of unexpected changes throughout the song, but it also keeps the same vibe with the very emotional Tryzdin’s touch.

What’s the concept behind the cover art?

The new cover comes from a photo shoot by a well-known photographer from Columbus, Nick Fancher. The idea behind the picture was to express the impact of bullying, illustrated by the big shadow on Tryzdin’s body, and how bullying can spoil and darken a whole existence. But a the same time, the ray of light suggests that hope never vanishes completely. As a matter of fact, Tryzdin, who has been the victim of intense bullying, revealed in a recent interview, that since he decided to talk about his bullying through music, the bullying has died down…it was totally unexpected for me!
We first wanted to use make-ups and paints on Tryzdin’s body to express the same idea, but Nick preferred to work with something more abstract and mysterious. And the result is just fantastic. 
saint mars

Why was CD your format of choice for this special release?

Mainly because we wanted to create a special event for this new edit of the song. Since the song was already on all streaming platforms, we thought it would be a good idea to try something different. Also the CD format is handy and not too expensive to manufacture. The other obvious goal is to sell copies at Tryzdin’s live shows in the USA and give people to the opportunity to have a real object that could be autographed by Tryzdin. You can’t sign a digital download for obvious reasons! Public’s reaction has been awesome so far…

I strongly believe in the new « streaming platforms » paradigm in music. But the physical format will never really die in my opinion, because there will always be people willing to possess a real object. It’s possible that we do more things like this in the future, with special editions in physical formats containing unreleased versions and rare materials. I’ve even thought about making a unique, special edition copy of our forthcoming album « Celesteville », with hand-written lyrics and real photographs taken with the help of a Polaroid camera! Somehow the physical format needs to be re-thought and re-invested with new ideas…


Contact the band to purchase ‘Somewhere, Somebody’ on limited edition CD for $7. Copies signed by Tryzdin are available for $10.
somewhere somebody cd
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