The definitive guide to 2018’s best indie pop duos

People say three is a magic number but we whole-hardheartedly disagree. Take a peek at these wonderful electronic indie duos and you’ll see why…


FFO: MUNA, Westerman, Salen

Whatever the dilemma, the queens of soothing synth-pop have the antidote. On-record Meg and Lily deliver endearingly honest lyrics about self-love, vulnerability, and change, wrapped in velvety synths and ethereal sonics. But the pair’s biggest draw is their masterful weaving of vocals and use of harmonies to illustrate the peaks and troughs in their stories. If the duo’s synergy wasn’t obvious enough on the record, it certainly is in the live setting. The pair often spend time between songs teasing each other about backstage antics or sharing funny anecdotes about their tumultuous 20s and through sharing their own pain and pleasure, they unconsciously allow the listener to do the same.


FFO: Mac DeMarco, King Krule

Ever since we saw them live for the first time, Indie Crush have been harbouring a full-blown obsession for Her’s. See, the Liverpool-based duo may be engaging enough on-record, but they’re a band you have to see live to fully appreciate. For starters, their jangly dream-pop is even more mesmeric in the flesh. Frontman Stephen Fitzpatrick’s baritone is positively soporific in person, while bassist Audun Laading’s dance moves are a sight to see, as he achieves the kind of comedic movements synonymous with Chandler Bing or Carlton Banks. Need we say more?


FFO: James Blake, FKA Twigs, Nils Frahm

From a studio retreat in the depths of Ibiza’s valley, IOTAPHI have emerged with their hot take on electronic music. The duo, which comprises Ilia Darlin and Francesco Konstantinos, specialise in cinematic soundscapes cloaked in dark hues. While their EP ‘Kloudland offers the kind of sonics that may have been conceived in the darkest corners of James Blake’s mind, Darlin’s ethereal vocals wield the kind of mystical aura that’s synonymous with FKA Twigs.


FFODaughter, Oh Wonder, The XX

Once Amethysts lure you into their lush, ambient-pop soundscapes, there’s no escape. With each stunning release, the East Anglian duo have been perfecting their mesmeric formula and latest single ‘Be There’ might be their most heady mixture yet. Clarice and Simon’s serpentine vocals weave in and out of dark-hued, glittering sound beds before giving way to a chorus that showcases their pop-sensibilities.

Son of William

FFO: Iron and Wine, Civil Wars, Simon and Garfunkel

Separately Hayley Williams and Ben Williams (no relation) have had illustrious careers, but like any duo worth their salt, together, they’re greater than the sum of their parts. Having swapped skills and discovered a mutual love of folk music, the pair formed Son of William in Manchester. The duo’s stock-in-trade is slow burners that place storytelling at the forefront, embellished by their synergy of harmonies.


Cover photo by Lottie Turner

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