Indie Crush: The Sound of Scandinavia

It’s no secret that Scandinavia has produced some of the best songwriters in contemporary music. Needless to say, Robyn’s ‘Dancing On My Own’ has been a permanent fixture in our playlists since 2010, but there’s been several waves of formidable Scandi talent since the hit-maker’s prime. Rather than lazily pointing you in the obvious direction of Sigrid, MØ, or Alma, who don’t need any more help dominating the airwaves, we’re going to introduce you to some Nordic artists who may have slipped under your radar.

Adam 888 (Sweden)

Whoever said that trap music is exclusive to Atlanta clearly hasn’t heard Sweden’s Adam 888. Self-styled as the ‘Son of Jupiter’, this Scandi talent is adding his transcendental twist to trap. Blissed-out vocals, hypnotic beats and spiritual lyrical themes coalesce into a woozy concoction that he calls ‘Shamanistic Soul’. Sonically and aesthetically, he plunges listeners into his world. His debut track Vibrationz ft. Hanna and the accompanying video are case and point; immersive and addictive. Though he likens his music to Yung Lean, Post Malone and Raury, his left-field isms are better summarised by his obscure influences: celestial bodies, the number 8, and pomegranates. Need we say more?

Chinah (Denmark)

Skeletal guitar riffs, soporific synths, and subdued vocals; no artist aces electro-noir like Chinah. Since their debut track Away From Me saw Soundcloud plays shoot through the roof, the Danish trio have been paving the way to mainstream consciousness with their fresh sound. Now, with two well-received EPs under their belts, the Copenhagen clan have returned to the studio- hopefully to emerge with some semblance of an album…

Off Bloom (Denmark)

It’s hard to say what Off Bloom possess more of: unapologetic swagger or earworm hooks. When the trio bring both forces together, they’re unstoppable. Glitchy electronics, juggernaut beats, and Mette Mortensen’s rap-like braggadocio spawn a futuristic pop sound that would have verified hit-makers frantically rewriting their formulas. (It’s no surprise when you learn that all three band members are producers in their own right.) Their music can only be described as a hybrid of Charli XCX’s pop sensibilities and Mura Masa’s deft hand behind the mixing desk, and with some time I’ll bet you see Off Bloom soaring past them in the charts.

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