Record Store Day special: Goldblume talk Flexidiscs, Finland, and Fleetwood Mac

The only word you hear more than ‘punt’ in Cambridge is ‘Goldblume‘. These guys have been conquering the live circuit like there’s no tomorrow and yet we still can’t get enough of their cathartic alt-rock. Thank goodness, they’ll be satiating our hunger with a taster of their forthcoming album, this Record Store Day. The local heroes will be featured on volume 4 of R*E*P*E*A*T Records flexi disc series “You Flexi Thing”, entitled “Look Sharp”. We caught up with the trio to find out more…

How did you come to be part of “Look Sharp”?

We were approached by Richard Rose of R*E*P*E*A*T records after a show in December –  they’ve previously put out three Flexidiscs [as part of the “You Flexi Thing” series] featuring local bands over the past couple of years – and we just instantly said yes! We love the whole secretive, unique aura around Record Store Day, putting out something on vinyl was always a little dream of ours, and it was genuinely exciting to be read out on that list!

And you’re sharing the release with Gaffa Tape Sandy!

It’s great to be featured on a release with them, as we’ve always enjoyed watching and playing with them since we met a year or so back – and to be honest, it’s always great in music to do something with friends, who are also super talented right? Plus, its alliteration too, which is always aesthetically pleasing.

You Flexi Thing Vol 3 will be available to buy on Record Store Day

What does it mean to you to have your name on the RSD product list?

It’s very exciting! See above – but it was really quite, I dunno, it made all the stress of recording and mixing the single ourselves in such a short timeframe worth it, and that’s all you want from anything I think. The opportunity for people to hear new music, especially in this exclusive pre-album manner, from a record label we’ve always admired, with a band who are genuinely great people, on a format we never dreamed of being able to release, is just real nice.

What kind of exposure do you hope to gain through being involved with RSD?

Our name will be seen by anyone reading through the RSD2018 release list or browsing the stores on the day (and after under they sell out) which is prettttyyy great. But I guess exposure isn’t the main reason to do anything in music – as with it all, we make a push to get our music out there, and believe if people can hear it, a certain amount will really dig it as much as we did when we wrote it! That’s all you can ask for, a chance to be heard in the sea of admittedly, similarly talented people.

Tell us about your RSD track ‘Razor’, why did you choose that song to feature on the Flexidisc?

We’re recording our first album, and third release (in three years!), and Razor has always felt like a natural single – its short, snappy, and the lyrics are ambiguous enough to keep ’em guessing. It’s got (dear friend of the band) Alessia from Molasses on guest vocals, and she was literally the best person I’ve ever recorded vocals with, over the internet, in Finland. Plus its fun! Who doesn’t like loud, brash fun with big ol’ guitars and harmony vocals! 

We’re counting down to Record Store Day with interviews from record stores, labels, bands, and punters. Read our interview with R*E*P*E*A*T Records from yesterday.

The ‘vinyl revival’ is definitely a positive for the music industry, but it’s incredibly expensive for independent bands for bands to get their music on record. How important is it for your band to release on vinyl?

It’s another way for people to consume, and another way of hopefully getting that chance we talked about earlier – Vinyl is this nice tactile thing to many, and we never dreamed we’d be able to release on it. REPEAT records, and indeed, all independent labels who support Vinyl releases are just fantastic because small bands rely on those kinds of opportunities to reach a wider audience. We’ve always been desperate to have physical releases of our music, I think we’ve all grown up with the idea of listening to a CD in the car or a Vinyl player in your student housing listening to some old Fleetwood Mac record (Tusk, obviously).

Goldblume will be performing on Record Store Day at the following locations:

1pm – Vinyl Hunter, Bury St Edmunds
5pm – Relevant Records, Cambridge 
8pm – The Blue Moon, Cambridge

‘Look Sharp’ will be released exclusively for Record Store Day on Republican red flexi vinyl (with free download) and will be limited to 250 copies. It will be available from participating indie record stores, with remaining copies available from the R*E*P*E*A*T Bandcamp and from the bands at gigs.

For more information on ‘You Flexi Thing Vol 4’, click here.

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