Throughout this week we’ve been counting down to Record Store Day in Cambridge with all kinds of juicy content. Having spoken to R*E*P*E*A*T Records about releasing RSD exclusive Flexi disc ‘Look Sharp’ here, and to Goldblume about contributing their track ‘Razor’ here, it seems only right that we talk to stars of ‘Look Sharp’ Side A Gaffa Tape Sandy right here…

How did you come to be part of the RSD release?

We were very grateful to be offered a place by Richard Rose on his R*E*P*E*A*T Records Flexidisc vinyl [“You Flexi Thing”], alongside Cambridge cool dudes Goldblume. The release is our first time ever playing a little part in a great day!

Tell us about your RSD track “Smart Dressed Guy”, why did you choose that one to feature on the Flexidisc?

Well, “Smart Dressed Guy” is a track that we’ve been playing live since we started the band, which we still love playing but don’t always include it in every set. It was the first song we ever recorded (a few months before our debut EP came out), so we thought why not show an old track some love by somewhat immortalising it in a Record Store Day release.

You Flexi Thing v3

What’s the most exciting part of featuring on the RSD product list?

We’re really excited to have a little piece of our music in various record shops across the UK. We’ve all recently moved to Brighton and we hear rumours that it’ll be stocked in Resident Records, which is a real favourite of ours when it comes to shopping for new music. At a time when music is often just digital, it can feel quite impersonal to release online, so seeing people tweeting that they are stocking us or that we’re on their ‘To Buy’ list is really new and special for us.

What kind of exposure do you gain through being involved with RSD?

Seeing our name listed amongst so many great names who are putting out special releases should definitely help people become more aware of us. But we know that it’s so easy to be ignored if you’re not active and shouting about it all the time, so we have a nice and busy summer coming up for live shows which will hopefully couple with people seeing us listed. Although we’ve already had a few blogs start featuring and reviewing us because of it which is really cool.

The ‘vinyl revival’ is definitely a positive for the music industry, but it’s incredibly expensive for independent bands for bands to get their music on record. How important is it for your band to release on vinyl?

There’s something very tangible about owning music on vinyl. For us, we see it as a treat and a way in which fans can show a real commitment to the music. It’s great seeing our music get lots of plays digitally, but it’s even better seeing people wanting to physically own the music in a format that is a little more special. It also really features the artwork and credits of the release which are so easily lost and ignored both on CD and digitally. Hopefully, technology will catch up and meet the new vinyl demand so that it’s more accessible and cheaper to produce, so that more fans can make the commitment to own it and not just those who can afford it.

Is there anything else you’d like to add about Record Store Day?

We can’t wait for it, and excited to get our hands on a few other bits of vinyl as well as celebrating the independent record shops who have dedicated so much to new music over the years. We love you all!

‘Look Sharp’ will be released exclusively for Record Store Day on Republican red Flexidisc vinyl (with free download) and will be limited to 250 copies. It will be available from participating indie record stores, with remaining copies available from the R*E*P*E*A*T Bandcamp and from the bands at gigs.

For more information on ‘You Flexi Thing Vol 4’, click here.

Gaffa Tape Sandy will be performing at The Smokehouse in Ipswich on Record Store Day. For more info, click here.

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