Record Store Day special: R*E*P*E*A*T Records discuss You Flexi Thing Vol 4

From fanzines to flexidiscs, R*E*P*E*A*T Records have been championing local bands in quirky formats since 1994. So naturally, their Record Store Day release is highly-anticipated among Cambridge’s vinyl hunters.

This year, the label will unveil Volume 4 in their ‘You Flexi Thing‘ series. ‘Look Sharp‘ features the stars of NME, Glasto, 6 Music and Bury St Edmunds Rock City (© John Peel / Washing Machine Club), Gaffa Tape Sandy, on Side A. While, Cambridge-based emo rockers, Goldblume, will be dominating Side B with brand new track ‘Razor’.

With yet another exciting release lined-up for Record Store Day, we caught up with R*E*P*E*A*T head honcho Richard Rose aka Rosey…

You Flexi Thing v3

Why did you choose to submit Gaffa Tape Sandy and Goldblume for an RSD release?

They are two of the most exciting, innovative and talked about bands in East Anglia, if not the world. We have a shared aesthetic and thought that together we could vibrate the planet in a bendy way. Also they continue the tradition of both flexi bands starting with the same letter (Baby Seals and Beverley Kills, Saltfen and Siah)!

The release is coming out on a Republican red flexi disc. How did you land on that colour and format?

Vinyl is where it’s at for singles, with both the kids and more mature music fans. Flexis sound almost as good as thicker vinyl, yet are cheaper to make, post, and release- and they last! I was inspired to investigate releasing one, having found a 30 year old one in my collection which plays perfectly. Vinyl sounds so much better than MP3s and CDs, but the cost of most records is ridiculous. We’d not done a red one before, and this shade of red looks really cool with the ivory coloured sleeve. And as for Republican, well without revolutions, you can’t play a record…

you flexi thing red

Record Store Day can be unforgiving on the bank account. Do you think the bargain price of ‘Look Sharp’ will give your release the edge?

We aim to have the cheapest release on Record Store Day, and also the best. At £3 or £4 a shot, we hope new listeners will take a chance and ‘Look Sharp’. And through it, discover more about these and other incredible bands.

Stores can only take part if they’re independent, yet this DIY ethos isn’t reflected in the product list, which is dominated by re-issues and major label artists. Why is it important to you to champion these independent artists?

Of course big business will always subsume and adapt things to screw money out of them. However, Record Store Day has consistently given us as a tiny label a boost. Our first Flexi release, which was for RSD 2016, was recorded in my shed and featured two bands still at school; it got them nationwide reviews and radio plays. Not sure we could have done that without RSD to give it a bit more of a profile. We are lucky to have indie record shops in both Cambridge and Bury St Edmunds (Rock City) which value and promote new underground acts – this will be the 3rd year in a row that Relevant Records and Vinyl Hunter have allowed us to organise live sets from our RSD bands in-store on the day itself.

What’s your best memory of RSD?

Kids queuing at Vinyl Hunter in Bury St Edmunds to get Deep City and Matty and the Bullsharks (both in year 12 at the time) to sign their Flexis – it made them feel like the stars they deserve to be!

How will you be celebrating Record Store Day?

Dashing to Bury St Edmunds to watch Goldblume and Gaffa Tape Sandy at 1pm, then back to Relevant for 3. Hoping in-between sets to sell a few Flexis and to buy The Lovely Eggs album. Then it’s the Blue Moon for Goldblume’s evening RSD gig.

‘Look Sharp’ will be released exclusively for Record Store Day on Republican red flexi vinyl (with free download) and will be limited to 250 copies. It will be available from participating indie record stores, with remaining copies available from the R*E*P*E*A*T Bandcamp and from the bands at gigs.

For more information on ‘You Flexi Thing Vol 4’, click here.

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