Sugarspun hark back to Madchester era with ‘Spaceman Dreams’

The fact that Sugarspun have garnered an army of fans off the back of just a handful of Soundcloud demos, speaks volumes. One spin of their new track ‘Spaceman Dreams’ and you’ll hear why. The five-piece have perfectly captured the zeitgeist of the Madchester era, harking back to the likes of Oasis and Stone Roses. Think: whirring guitars, bolstering drums, spearheaded by a vocal that could be mistaken for a certain Gallagher’s. Not forgetting of course, that it’s the all-important lyric that drives the cut. We went On Record with frontman and wordsmith Jamie McGraw to ask what inspired the song.

“The track is about never giving up on your childhood dreams no matter how difficult life gets,” McGraw tells us. “You can do or be whatever you want at any point in your life and absolutely no-one can stop you.”

Listen to ‘Spaceman Dreams’ below.


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