Waiting for Marmozets to come onstage is a lot like anticipating a hurricane: you’re almost certain it’s going to destroy you, it’s just a question of how long it will take. In the case of tonight’s gig at Junction, it takes approximately 30 seconds for the West Yorkshire five-piece to pick off their first victims. Ripping through a suspenseful introduction into ‘New Religion’, Marmozets waste no time in conjuring the whirlwind of adrenaline their live shows are renowned for. From the off, vocalist Becca Macintyre places herself at the eye of the storm, commanding the chaos. Where other vocalists may be flattened by the salvo of jagged riffs and relentlessly battering drums, the frontwoman leads the charge with her powerhouse vocals, putting the opening phrase ‘You don’t believe in new religion’ at odds with the rapturous reception.

The band continue on an upward trajectory, boasting an endless supply of energy as they steamroll through the set. Recent single ‘Major System Error’ is a surefire highlight, with Macintyre demonstrating her awesome vocal dexterity. When she’s not delivering each syllable of the title like a blow to the head, she’s slid into an equally powerful and brilliantly shrill soprano for ‘can you keep it together, oh’. The band deliver monstrous, gnarled riffs and breakneck speeds throughout, leaving the audience breathless at every turn. For those that have managed to avoid being swept into the ferocious mosh pit, closer ‘Captivate You’ is the final force to knock them off their feet and Marmozets leave the room in a state of blissful disarray.