Believe in love at first sight or not, Julia Hoffman’s new single ‘Hopeless Love’ tells a painstaking confessional story of an instance entailing just that. While the phenomenon of love at first sight is like believing in ghosts to some, Hoffman paints the picture of an instant connection between two hopeless lovers, meeting on a bus through the medium of retrospect and regret.

In a sorrowful, melancholic tone. Hoffman takes us through the emotional rollercoaster of losing something you never had. It’s a feeling I’m sure we’ve all had at some point, yet this indie folk ballad expresses the idea of ‘Hopeless Love’ with conviction and conscience, where most sorrowful tracks fail to tug at your heartstrings through lack of story-telling or emotion. Hoffman ensures that with ‘Hopeless Love’, this is not the case.

An ambitious third single to say the least, but a hopeful insight to her upcoming album, expected around summer 2021. You can find ‘hopeless love’ through the link below.





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