In a truly emotional single, singer-songwriter James Fox shows the world his caring side with his upcoming track ‘The Rest Of Our Lives’.

After the success of his last single, ‘Fire & Coal’, it’s safe to say he’s come back with another brilliant tune.

After his gambling addiction had threatened to consume him, James used his talent as a songwriter to bring himself back from the brink. Speaking about ‘The Rest Of Our Lives’ he said:

‘This is a feel-good, guitar-driven love song, that speaks of new beginnings, love, hope and making plans for the future, something I think can resonate with all of us just now’.

However, not content on stopping, the artist has bigger plans. Come February 2021, James Fox will be releasing his first album ‘All The Fours’.

‘This album was written during a year that most of us were forced to stop. I rediscovered music again and started writing songs for the first time in years. The songs needed to come out, it felt like it was writing itself from time to time.

‘I started getting very reflective and sifting through my past for the first time. It was therapeutic in many ways but also exhausting, upsetting and difficult.

Without further ado, let’s get into the single itself.

From the off, we’re presented with a classic 00’s indie pop vibe, which I personally love. As James’ voice is heard for the first time, it’s a sign that this is going to be a great single.

His silky, soft tones perfectly compliment the calming beat that accompanies the track. After the first verse, you start to get a feel for the country inspiration that the artist has used. I’d have to say, his style is very akin to the band Elbow.

The track itself is great for those of us that enjoy easy listening. However, the best thing about it is that, regardless of how relaxed you are listening to this track, you don’t zone out.

The lyrics are so heartfelt, with an overriding sense of passion from James that you can’t help but give it your full attention. By the end, I was singing along myself. I’m not sure I’ll be giving James Fox a run for his money anytime soon, but I enjoyed it all the same.

Then, in the final seconds of the track, long-time friend of James, Mike Sorrentino, gives us a short, but brilliant showcase of what he can do on the drums.

It’s an amazing end to an amazing track and one I’ll certainly be adding to my playlists when it’s released on the 29th January next year.

Picture: @jamesfoxsongs (Instagram)

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