The very unique Portland-based group have turned heads with their new EP ‘Japanesy If You Please’ and it’s clear to see why.

Picture: @87band (Instagram)

On this rollercoaster of music, they explore a number of first world problems, such as COVID-19, as well as less serious issues, such as all you can eat sushi (I’m not sure either).

The whole EP is a confusing, yet pleasingly surreal journey. Even if you don’t think they’re for you, I recommend giving them a listen, just so you can understand what I’m writing about.

One lead song, ‘Georgia Governor Kemp‘, is a personal favourite of mine. An odd track, but one that puts a smile on my face. The track targets Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (as you could’ve guessed), poking fun at his attitude on Coronavirus with some incredibly satirical lyrics.

The beat of the track is incredibly well produced and is something you could expect to hear from a more mainstream band. Thanks to the impressive guitar and drums, the lyrics can afford to be a little more sarcastic, shall we say.

However, the contrasting voices of band members Patrick and Hana create a really interesting dynamic in the track. Even if the lyrics may not be serious, it’s clear to see that these guys know what they’re doing.

‘All You Can Eat Sushi’ consists of one line of lyrics. No gold star for getting this one right, it’s “All You Can Eat Sushi“. Weirdly though, it makes for a great track.

It’s this particular tune that gives the suggestion that 87 and The Toys have got a punk vibe to them. If any of you have been lucky enough to hear ‘Jilted John’ by Jilted John then you can start to get a feel for this band’s genre.

The touch of punk is something they implement very successfully. The simple lyrics of the track, combined with the catchy tune, make it a joyous track that you can smile at while listening.

Another of my favourites from the EP is ‘The Internet People (Know Every Move You Make)’. A satirical take on how technology seems to know everything about us in this modern age, it’s another really accomplished and well-produced tune.

The impressive raw guitar mixed with their unique style is a triumph, they give the term ‘Indie’ a whole new meaning.

Also, the male and female tones from the band bounce off one another brilliantly. In any song from the EP, they work together, not once giving the impression that they’re fighting for the spotlight.

Picture: 87 and The Toys (Facebook)

Overall, I’d say this is a triumph. The music is excellent and while the lyrics may sound ludicrous on paper, it ties together far better then you’d think.

If you fancy giving 87 and The Toys a go the follow the SoundCloud link.

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