The Pop Punkers of Reddit have revealed their worst gigs and it’s hilarious

Whether it’s that amateur videographer who insists on watching the entire gig through their phone or the aggressive mosher who drags everyone into the pit, we’ve all had gigs ruined by idiot gig-goers. But what about when a gig is ruined by the band? A recent browse of Reddit lead me to a thread in the Pop Punkers subreddit where users were discussing the worst gigs they’ve seen and some of the comments were hilarious. We’ve had a good scour and narrowed the comments down to five that had us sniggering into our coffees in the office. Enjoy…

Foxx Bodies

Reddit user: rmourz – “It was a combination of walking in on your grandma naked, and seeing someone yell at their kids in public.”


Foxx Bodies support slot with Sorority Noise and Remo Drive named as one of the worst gigs by Pop Punkers reddit user.

Wiz Khalifa (support for Fall Out Boy)

Reddit user: rmourz – “I was surrounded by cross faded dudebros, and he looks like a damn homeless woman.”


Wiz Khalifa on The Boys of Zummer tour was named one of the worst gigs by pop punkers reddit user

Jimmy Eat World

Reddit user: rmourz – “They had all the stage presence and charisma of a worship leader at a medium sized church.”


Worst gigs: Jimmy Eat World's Riot Fest 2016 set was named worst live show by one pop punkers reddit user

A Day To Remember

Reddit user: reallytinyyeti – “It was like their sound guys had been taken ill minutes before the show and they’d been forced to have a Labrador do sound because there was no one else available.”


Worst gigs: A Day To Remember's Bad Vibes World Tour at Wembley in 2017 was named one of the worst gigs by a pop punkers reddit user

The Wonder Years

Reddit user: BurnedOutInAJar – “And the worst part was that the pizza place by the venue wasn’t even that good.”


Worst gig: The Wonder Years' show with Let Live and Tiny Moving Parts was named as worst gig by a Pop Punkers reddit user

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