Indie Crush of the Week: Harp Samuels

The Australian Harp Samuels released his latest single, ‘Breathe’.  After suffering with the loss of his father last year, his heartbreak drew him closer to music where he could not only escape from his thoughts and feelings but control them and express them to influence others. His unfortunate grief inspired him to write this new track. His music is similar in style to the likes of Bon Iver and Sufjan Stevens with his ambient folk tracks to tell his stories.

‘Breathe’ is a beautifully delicate track featuring moving lyrics dedicated to his father, who from the song we can see, he had a strong connection with. The entire song is drowned in emotion with glossy atmospherics and plaintive singing. He sings: “You’re my home, I am safe with you” which shows the protectiveness over his father. “You help me breathe”, reflects how much Harp depended on his father and how fundamental he was to him. It gives us a sense of how much the loss of his father would have emotionally scarred him.

Harp has taken his music to a spiritual level that is cathartic and redemptive. His message behind the track is that you should cherish precious moments and embrace new beginnings, instead of ignoring them. He also expresses his love, gratefulness and respect towards his father, which is the most significant message within the lyrics and would inspire other individuals to spread love and courtesy.

Perusing a love for music, photography and film-making, Harp is a creative and expressive character and has a passion for all that he does. His music revolves around his usual vocodered, rarefied vocals and acoustic guitar playing. Some of his sounds are distorted and it therefore creates a feeling of unease which symbolises his mental state. In contrast with the distortion, Harp says he uses “celestial sounds” which give a more hopeful, metaphysical tone. His eye for detail ensures that the experience for the listener is moving and emotional.

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