Indie Crush of the Week: Her’s

I was in a lifeguard’s garage in a tiny seaside town the first time I saw Her’s live.

It was in August last year and I’d taken the cutter to Isle of Wight for Ventnor International Festival. The pocket-size festival took place in three makeshift venues across Ventnor’s hilly terrain. The venue in question for Her’s set required a stagger uphill and an accurate sense of direction. Had it not been for the friendly locals, who led me to the unmarked venue, I may never have made it to the set that transformed my interest in Her’s into a full-blown obsession.

See, the Liverpool-based duo may be engaging enough on-record, but they’re a band you have to see live to fully appreciate. For starters, their jangly dream-pop is even more mesmeric in the flesh. Frontman Stephen Fitzpatrick‘s baritone is positively soporific in person, while bassist Audun Laading‘s dance moves are a sight to see, as he achieves the kind of comedic movements synonymous with Chandler Bing or Carlton Banks.

The real added value of their live shows is the pair’s wicked sense of humour and dry quips. Take last week’s set at The Great Escape: it’s no secret that bands pull out all the stops for the festival’s industry-dominated audience but rather than pile-on the promotion or aim for a pitch-perfect performance, Her’s simply brought along a cardboard cut-out of Pierce Brosnan and dialed-up the fun.

As if to underscore the jubilant set, Her’s just have shared details of the debut album ‘Invitation to Her’s‘ and a second cut ‘Low Beam‘ alongside the following note:

“Pop out your leather jacket, grease your hair and cruise around town at night, whilst not forgetting to remain the emotional being that you are. Let’s meet on the hill top and cry together.”

‘Invitation to Her’s’ will be released August 24th on Heist or Hit.



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