IOTAPHI seek profound inclusiveness in nominated music video for ‘Kids of Chaos’

IOTAPHI have one mission: to bring around change and inspire growth. This is evidenced nowhere better than their captivating music video for ‘Kids of Chaos‘. The duo bring their dark-hued, cinematic soundscapes to life with a visual that sees athletes from Greece’s Down Syndrome Association throwing shapes in a derelict-looking gymnasium, shrouded in fog.

“Our goal was to find beauty in ways society is not looking for”
Director Gregory Rentis tells us about the concept behind the video:

“The initial point was to recreate sort of a Big Bang,” he explains, “all the girls are like stars or planets; they would disperse into our space and they sort of got together to create this planetary system which was basically a dance.”

Speaking about the choice to involve the athletes from the Down Syndrome Association, lead singer Ilia Darlin said:

“For me it wouldn’t mean anything if they were conventionally pretty people, dancing perfectly. The goal was finding beauty and truth in the centre of us, maybe in ways our society is not looking for. It’s about profound inclusiveness.”

‘Kids of Chaos’ has been nominated for Best Low Budget at Berlin Music Video Awards.

IOTAPHI were recently crowned our Indie Crush of the Week. Read about the band’s Ibiza studio retreat, their collaboration with Lana De Rey’s producer and their nominated music video here.

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