Sam Fender

Thurs 10 May | 19:00 pm | The Portland Arms | Tickets

The Music Machine definitely doesn’t need any more doe-eyed singer-songwriters, penning heartbreak anthems for the masses. It needs more solo artists like Sam Fender. In his small but promising catalogue, there’s not a love song in earshot. Instead, he tackles issues such as government surveillance, fake news, and sexual harassment, single-handedly bringing a fresh perspective to the singer-songwriter genre. Catch this burgeoning talent alongside Stereo Honey.

Sam Fender


Tues 15 May | 19:00 pm | The Portland Arms | Tickets

Nashville’s hottest grunge prospects and Sub-Pop signees will be flying across the pond this spring, armed with last year’s offering ‘Losing’. Having moved away from the sugary-slick sound of their first record, the band promise an even noisier, boisterous live show. Between Alicia Bognanno’s earthly bellows and disarmingly candid lyrics, there’s no preparing yourself their salvo of scuzzy grunge-rock.

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Mon 7 May | 19:00 pm | Cambridge Junction | Tickets

Despite hailing from the opposite side of the globe (Sydney, Australia), somehow the DMA’s have nailed the sound of Brit pop. If you need further affirmation of that, Liam Gallagher has dubbed the band’s 2018 record ‘BIBLICAL’ in caps and everything. But it’s not just LG that’s gone wild over ‘For Now’, the band have garnered enough attention worldwide to bring their music to the ear holes of Cambridge- lucky them.


Car Seat Headrest

Mon 21 May | 19:00 pm | Cambridge Junction | Tickets

If you haven’t already heard the jangly acoustic-indie of Car Seat Headrest, the best way I can describe it is by telling you it belongs in the soundtrack of  Juno or 500 Days of Summer, or any other indie film that involves Michael Cera. It’s that kind of yearning, gut-wrenching indie that tugs on your heartstrings from the very first chord progression. Go catch Will Toledo pour his heart out, before he heads back to the States.

carseat headrest.jpg

Beth Ditto

Tue 29 May | 19:00 pm | Cambridge Junction | Tickets

Former Gossip front woman, self-identified ‘fat feminist’, and ultra fucking babe. It’s tempting to leave it at the one sentence because why would you need more convincing? We can’t be sure that she’ll give ‘Standing In The Way Of Control’ a whirl but her solo stuff is bloody decent to be fair. Her trademark howling vocals are as present as ever, just with a different backdrop of modernized blues rock.

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