Indie Crush of the Week: Adam 888

Whoever said that trap music is exclusive to Atlanta clearly hasn’t heard Sweden’s Adam 888. Self styled as the ‘Son of Jupiter’, this Scandi talent is adding his transcendental twist to trap. Blissed-out vocals, hypnotic beats and spiritual lyrical themes coalesce into a woozy concoction that he calls ‘Shamanistic Soul’. But his masterstroke is providing a world for the listener to immerse themselves in, both sonically and aesthetically. Take the arty video for Hanna-featuring track ‘Vibrationz’: the clip toggles between paradoxes such as light and dark, the supernatural and the primitively human, rooftops and rain forests, with spiritual imagery acting as the nexus. Meanwhile, his upcoming video for ‘Chakra 123’ revolves around our first three chakras: fire, green forest and the unknown. Everything about the Adam 888 is utterly hypnotic and refreshingly original. Though he likens his music to Yung Lean, Post Malone and Raury, his left-field isms are better summarised by his obscure influences: celestial bodies, the number 8, and pomegranates. Need we say more?