The album sleeve of The Go! Team’s new record ‘Semicircle’ is a visual smorgasbord. A jumble of characters in colourful attire are wielding instruments in a school gymnasium, collectively looking like a misfit American high school band. This image perfectly captures the spirit, colour and ramshackle nature of their live shows. Bursting onto the stage and into opener ‘Flashlight’, the six-piece deliver mini explosions across the stage. Not one, but two drummers batter away at the back while a small army of guitarists star-jump around the stage. With the addition of a small brass section and a synth player, Electric Ballroom’s stage has never looked so crowded.

Front and centre of the chaos is Ninja, rapping Chuck D’s part of the opener with bucket loads of swagger. “We’re gunna play songs from every…fucking…album,” she roars. Before launching into new cut ‘Mayday’ the band do a quick round of musical chairs, leaping over to different instruments. This is something that happens every other song and continually refreshes the unstoppable energy of the set. Admittedly, there are times when proceedings veer from gloriously ramshackle to plain scrappy. Someone slips out of time on more than one occasion and there are sound issues sprinkled throughout the set, but they always manage to reign it back. ‘Semicircle’ is a surefire highlight, with Ninja diving into the audience to have punters shout their names and horoscopes during the bridge, and calling card hit ‘Huddle Formation’ is predictably raucous. The night concludes on the hip-hop-fuelled ‘She’s Got Guns’ and boosts the energy to a stratospheric high one last time before the Brighton bunch exit.