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This week’s Indie Doctor is Jane Beese, Head of Music at Roundhouse.

Having spent fifteen years as Head of Music for the world-renowned Southbank Centre– working alongside a swathe of household names such as Patti Smith, David Byrne and Yoko Ono– Jane jumped ship to Camden’s Roundhouse in 2015, turning her attention to cultivating the abundance of emerging talent passing through the legendary music venue. Currently, the head honcho is putting final touches on programming for Roundhouse Rising festival, which will take place at the beginning of March. We were lucky enough to bag a few minutes with one of the busiest women in the music industry, to ask her for some hot tips for emerging artists entering into the music industry.

Jane Beese on:

Artist Development: “Be aware of the skills you have and the areas that need work. One of the most amazing things to learn is to not be afraid of your weaknesses. Either build that into your strength or get someone into your team that can do that.”

Having a plan of attack: “Think very carefully about the strategy you want to put together. Talk to people in the industry about how quickly it should come together.”

Creative partnerships: “Listen to your gut instincts about who to work with.”

Roundhouse Rising will run from February 24 to March 1. Find out more info here.